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Junior Summer School: July and August 2014
Excite English Junior - Welcome
Excite English junior programme is an English-language and activity holiday programme for students aged 8-16. It is for students who want to come to UK to learn English language and to find out more about British culture and history.

The course includes 15 hours of English per week and is fully residential. That means all food and accommodation is provided. The students are busy with a 7-day activity and excursion programme – all conducted in English to maximise their learning.

Junior Music Video from 2013
Every year, students at Excite English make a music video as part of their time at the summer camp. They must work together in English to think of the best creative ideas.

At the end of the camp, we all sit together and watch the final version of the video. Please watch our music video, it is great!

Junior Programmes
Our junior programmes at Excite English are fun, safe, educational and motivational. We keep the students busy 7 days a week and they study English for 15 hours per week.

It is a multi-nationality centre, meaning that students must speak English to each other. Students always share a bedroom with someone from another nationality. The classes are by level and age and all students receive a pre-course test when they arrive and a certificate when they leave.

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