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Excite English Junior Summer School : July 2018

Welcome to the Excite English junior summer school page. You will find more information about our summer school for young people (aged 10-16). 2018 will be our 9th summer programme at Lancaster Royal Grammar school.

5 reasons to choose Excite English
1. The English classes 2. All inclusive 3. The city: Lancaster 4. The activities 5. Because we care
Intensive classes focusing on communication and 'real life' English Accommodation ✓ | Food ✓ | Activities ✓ | Excursions ✓ | English course ✓ Quiet and historic city in the North West. Very "British", few tourists. Fun activities that will give children a summer to remember! We provide 24 hours / 7 days per week care to protect the children.

Our history

Excite English started in 2009 and held its first summer school in 2010. The school has grown each year and in 2017 we welcomed over 80 students to Lancaster. We are proud to be one of the smaller summer schools, meaning that children get the most attention from our staff.

You will find that many schools are very large - we think this creates an impersonal atmosphere. At Excite English we like to know every student by their first name!

Student Summer Music Video

Every year the students produce their own music video. This gives the parents the chance to see that students are having lots of fun and cooperating with the other students.

Summer Video 2016 Summer Video 2015 Summer Video 2014

Our junior programme

Our junior programmes at Excite English are fun, safe, educational and motivational. We keep the students busy 7 days a week and they study English for 15 hours per week. It is a multi-nationality centre, meaning that students must speak English to each other. Students usually share a bedroom with someone from another nationality.


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